[TRANS] Lee Donghae Ceci Thailand’s Magazine Interview

21 Jan

Ceci: How would Donghae be like after 30?

Donghae: Doing music, acting and having a happy family. I’ve thought of it before. At that time, we have to get married and have kids. Super Junior is no exception. When Super Junior’s juniors are born, I will really be anticipating it. I feel amazed just by thinking about it. Getting married at around the same time and then finding a place to live near each other..with all of the juniors, making music and acting…I want to live like this.


Ceci: Which member changed the most?

Donghae: (Thought about it for quite a while) appearance? personality? or everything? Everyone changed a lot..um..the one that is too much is eunhyuk! I told Eunhyuk all my secrets…be it family or personal things, I will always share it with this friend. But Eunhyuk…how should I say this…he has a very boring personality. Because of this, we quarrelled before when we were younger so I hope that he will tell someone else the words from his heart instead of keeping everything to himself.

Ceci: The theme of today’s photoshoot is “vacation”. You got to rest a few days after the concert because of today’s photoshoot. If this was a real vacation, what kind of plans would you have?

Donghae: My interests are quite similar to teukie-hyung. To say it simply, we like to use the time to relax. Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk and Ryeowook are the types that would like to go out and explore. Previously, when we went to Paris together, we were able to see our differences. Because teukie-hyung and I like places to relax so we stayed at a resort in Bangkok, ate tropical fruits and spent our vacation like that.

Credit : 李东海后援会海世代
Translated by @teukables


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