SUPER JUNIOR HISTORY Bonus Program || Super Junior History from Lee Donghae

21 Jan

 “Star with the first! ( opened a book)


  After 5 years training, I debuted with all the member together! That was the beginning and i’m really glad for it, we really work hard. No matter whether they are senior or junior artist around the world work hard when it’s nearly their debut, we also worked very hard.

era! We got a lot of support at that time, especially our popularity increased, Thank you so much. Getting this good musical compotion by chance.. i think it’s because of the love that everyone gives so this album can be done.

[Don’t Don]
don’t you think it’s sensational? Kangin hyung decorated the album jacket. Although the album came out a bit later, but Kangin hyung liked to play prank, so through radio he began to tell the song. Recently everyday, i will play with him (Kangin) in the dorm and eat meals together.

[Super Show 1]
At first, we had our doubt since it was our first concert. People had doubts like “can they really succeed?”. But in the brink of failure i think finally we manage to pull it off nicely. And that glorious place… 2 days concert in Tokyo Dome. It’s really an honor to be able to have an independent concert there. Thank you very much! I didn’t really think that we will be able to have a concert after all. I felt that so the charm of the concert is like this. Our repackage album Marry U

[It’s You] [SORRY, SORRY]
We earned a big global impact on this song (Sorry,Sorry). When I heard Sorry Sorry, I had a feeling “This is it!” after hearing it for 15 second. But beside me, when Leeteuk hyung was sleepng he said “Ah~ Is this fine?”… but after waking up he heard it once again and he liked it.

[Super Show 2]
It’s wonderful…
Words are not needed.

Was the song that topped Taiwan’s chart for 64 weeks “Whichever whichever whichever I understan” (Bonamana’s lyrics)

[Mr. Simple]
5th! when we’re talking about 5th album activity, it feels like time has passed really quicqkly. This is was the album to show the growth of “slowly becoming men”.

I think the member’s are really cool here. This is what Eunhyuk said… “Why did overseas fan like SUPER JUNIOR!?”. There was comment  like this and beneath there was reply, it was written “ I think SUPER JUNIOR is really cool. So they have popularity”. I think that’s what Eunhyuk thinks of himself.

There he is (Showing Eunhyuk at the picture on the album cover oppa oppa) Eun…Hae… “Now let’s shout Oppa Oppa, Tokyo London New York Paris…” (Oppa Oppa lyrics)




When I heard this was going to be released in Japanese single, i heard the reaction was great. The album jacked was wonderful. I hope this can become a great present for everyone. Isn’t this a puzzle…(shows a picture of the Opera’s cover album) it was created so that it will become diamond shape when combined.



Wow~ It’s Tokyo Dome! (appointed official poster Super Show 4)



Now there’s only one volume of book, from now on, SUPER JUNIOR will add the second, third volume(closing and hugged the book)





 I’m good at talking right. I’m a good child.”


Please take the Credit of us. Upload to Youtube by Oci102336


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